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GMovies is the most user friendliest cataloging software. With an advanced scripting engine, and a sophisticating templates engine, you can customize it to suit your EXACT needs.

GMovies is the most easiest cataloging software. Using an advanced scripting engine, all you need is a movie title, and those scripts will do the rest! Are you using AVI files? Simply drag and drop them into the main window - no need to even type their titles! Despite the "simple" interface, don't underestimate it. This software can suit a casual collector, as well as a fanatic one.

GMovies is the most cheapest cataloging software. It is completely FREE. No hidden ads, no time/functionality limitations. What's the catch you ask? There is no catch. I'm a collector just like you. Since I couldn't find any software to suit my EXACT needs, I've decided to write one. If you like it, you can show your gratitude by sending an email, or donating.

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